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Doc's Lab
Docs Lab at Escape from the Past in Southern Maryland Docs Lab at Escape from the Past in Southern Maryland
You’ve taken a time machine for a spin and ended up in 1985 and you realize you forgot fuel for the return trip. You have no idea when to expect the next lighting strike, so you’ve got to find the spare fuel that Doc kept in his lab. You’ve got an hour before 1985 Doc gets back and finds you. You’ve got to find the fuel to Escape From The Past before the Doc gets back and you cause a rift in the space-time continuum. The Doc’s laboratory will challenge your mental skills as you solve several in-depth puzzles to locate that precious nuclear fuel and figure out how to escape from the lab.
You are given 60 Minutes to escape from Doc's Lab. The game is for 2 to 10 players and costs $25 per person.
*Note that Doc's Lab is designed for up to 10 players. If you book fewer than 10 players you may be paired with other groups. Please contact us at keymaster@escapefromthepast.com with any questions.

Escape from Cell Block 99
Escape From Cell Block 99 at Escape from the Past in Southern Maryland
Many years ago, there was an infamous prison escape. Six gangsters imprisoned in Cell Block 99 found their way to freedom! With some outside help they were able to make their escape. You have no outside help, but you do have the clues they left behind. Can you follow their escape from the past to make your own run for it?

You have 60 minutes to retrace their steps and solve the puzzles they solved before the guards find you and put you on lockdown.

The Legend of the Moll Dyer Witch - Coming in 2018!
Residents of St Mary’s County have heard of the legend of the Moll Dyer Witch. In the late 1600’s Moll Dyer was a hermit that lived in the forest away from the other settlers. When bad things such as crops failing, freak storms, sudden unexplained deaths and freak accidents started to happen, the settlers blamed Moll Dyer. One winter, a group of settlers went to her hovel and set it ablaze. Moll Dyer fled into the forest. Several weeks later a boy found her frozen body. Her body was kneeling beside a rock with one hand raised as if casting a spell and the other resting on a small boulder, which had an imprint of her hand (This boulder is on display today in downtown Leonardtown.) Initially, the settlers were relieved until their troubles started again. Moll Dyer’s last act was to curse the town’s people. At least that is what they thought.