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Escape from Cell Block 99

Cell Block 99

Many years ago, there was an infamous prison escape. Six gangsters imprisoned in Cell Block 99 found their way to freedom! With some outside help they were able to make their escape. You have no outside help, but you do have the clues they left behind. Can you follow their escape from the past and make it past the guards?

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The Legend of the Moll Dyer Witch

Moll Dyer

In the late 1600’s, Moll Dyer was a hermit who lived in the forest away from the other settlers in Leonardtown. When bad things such as crop failure, bad storms, unexplained deaths and freak accidents started to occur, the settlers blamed Moll Dyer, believing she was a witch! One winter, a group of settlers went to her hovel and set it ablaze while Moll Dyer fled into the forest.

Several weeks later a boy found her frozen body kneeling beside a rock with one hand raised as if casting a spell. The other hand was resting on a small boulder, which to this day has an imprint of her hand on it (This boulder is on display today in downtown Leonardtown). Initially, the settlers were relieved until their troubles started again.

Travel back to the night the settlers set her hovel on fire and discover the truth before its too late!

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